Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Project

Now I have something new to think and worry over. I have been concerned a long time about what to do with my work when I die. My children are not interested at all. I have a cousin that is but only in searching now and then. She is busy and doesn't seem to have any interest in the 'nuts and bolts' of research. So now I am going on a new quest. There are questions to be answered.
  1. How do I organize and perhaps put into book form my research, making ready for my demise? (The demise part hopefully later)
  2. Where do I put, send or give it? That is the big question.
  3. Get those two questions answered and get it in the Will. How?
Sheri Fenley over at The Educated Genealogist has published a 'Genealogy Codicil' that perhaps everyone should have a look at. She has also offered a suggestion about the 'Where' question with an article called, 'What Happens To My Research When I'm Gone?'

So, this is added to my 'One million things I need to do before I croak' list. At this rate, I will not croak til I'm 152. By then I will have forgotten why I stayed. . . . .
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