Friday, May 30, 2008

Frantic Fridays

I'm always glad when Friday is over. Today was even more frantic. So I am sitting here reading emails and looking at what Twitter can do for me. It's hot and some really big storms are on the way. Will hit us about 2 a.m. Indy is being hammered now.
I got an email from my cousin Steve. Well, it was really from MDA about Steve. He is going to be locked up. Needs to make bail. Ok, so you probably know the drill. :o) He's working for Jerry's Kids. Steve is a good guy. Here is the page just in case you are interested.
No genealogy today at all. But I did my 'blog round' very early. So all is not lost!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I could have made a collage of photos of my ancestors that served in wartime, but decided to post only one. My grandfather, Rufus Marion Brock, US Navy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeling Boxed In?

I don't have any wisdom to impart today.....The photo above indicates how the author is feeling.
Really, it's a 'cat box'.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Grandma's House....

This is my Grandma's House. She lived there until she could not continue to live on her own. My grandfather built it. He was a plumber in Seymour, Indiana and this house is on O'Brien Street. It was built in the mid 50's and it was sold on my grandmother's death in the late 90's. And yes, it is pink. Very pink. The photo does not do it justice. Just as a side note, she also had a pink '57 chevy. But, back to the house. She wanted the house to be yellow. That was when grandpa put his foot down. He was not going to live in a yellow house. He hated yellow. She could pick any color but yellow. So, here is the pink house. I've often wondered if he was sorry he let her pick 'any color but yellow'. If so, he never said a word.

I can look at this photo and feel a sense of comfort immediately come over me. I loved them so much and miss her till it hurts at least once a week. As a child I climbed the apple tree in the back yard, ate grapes and plums from the trees and vines till I was sick, and played on the 'monkey swing' that hung from the giant willow tree who's fronds covered and cooled us all summer long. Grandma loved growing things. The yard always smelled like heaven in the summertime.

The house still stands, but it doesn't look the same. I think I am glad. I don't recognize it as I pass. The memories stay sweeter and true.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's Up?

Right now, I am trying to learn how to relax and attempting to figure out the new toys. Diigo is pretty simple to add bookmarks to, but seems to have so much more which I am trying to explore. Technorati I don't understand at all yet. Twitter? I don't know...... I don't think I need that. I have a MySpace. Now there is TiddleyWiki. I think I understand that one and have tried it just a little. It is interesting and looks like it will be helpful. I haven't had the time for a long while to explore anything. I feel like I have missed out.

I started adding my files on WeRelate some time ago. It requires a lot of time. There are those who have been saying 'Oh it has gotten so easy' but I have not found it so. I have not been able to use the search there with any results. Mostly just my own pages come up. But I don't know that until I have clicked on them. Nor has anyone attempted to contact me or is 'watching' my pages. Just a cousin I told to join so she could add anything she wanted. She hasn't. Now I found a discussion about the pros and cons of deleting 'dead' gedcoms that have not been sourced out. I never put my sourced file up until I know how things work and if the site is going to go to a pay site once it has a large number of files. So, I am giving it thought. I know I want to add my files to the New FamilySearch when it is available. Perhaps I should just delete the WeRelate and wait. Hmmmmmm. What to do.

I have found a great place for explanations of these new toys from a genealogical perspective. It is the Family Matters section of MoltrieCreek.

My goal is to make contact. I just have to find the right spot.

And in the middle of it all, my daughter keeps saying, "Mom, you're supposed to relax!"
Maybe I'll just take a nap.

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