Thursday, December 3, 2009

About Sheri Of TwigTalk

Hello I'm Sheri's/Twigs Daughter Shani ,

Early Monday evening Mom fell Shattering her left arm Elbow &Ulna bone & Broke her left ankle I believe the Fibula bone .
She was hospitalized She had to have surgery to repair the damage done to the arm luckily they had all the pieces of the shattered arm to piece back together . her leg was a clean break which did not require any surgery just a casting .She came home on Wednesday afternoon and has been ordered bed resting They have put castes on both broken parts.
Due to these breaks she will be unble to post here for an unknown amount of time .
So this site will be on hold until she has recovered fully from this fall.

She Thanks everyone for the well wishes via blog comments as well as group & emails.
She hopes to get back here as quick as possible .
But until such time Twig Talk is on Hiatus .

Thank you for understanding and keep those well wishes coming .

I'll be checking blog post comments daily until the time she is able to return .

Sheri's Daughter and Secretary

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