Thursday, April 26, 2012


I had forgotten that today was my blogoversary.  Time really flies when you are busy. There has been much to keep me from my blogging this last year, and I really need to get back to it.  I have been noting titles for posts as I would find something I wanted to say.  I'd better spend the rest of the year getting back into it and getting those posts written. 

I thank all of you for stopping by and wishing me Happy Blogoversary!  Geneabloggers, thanks for not forgetting me!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Evernote Day

Every Yule time I give me, and my daughter, Shani, a gift of something that we really want.  This year it was better internet. So you can imagine all the fun I've had of late, going where I have never been before!  This switch to the 21st century was just in time to enjoy the video feed from RootsTech.  I had a wonderful time!  I believe that all things happen just when they are supposed to.  Needless to say, right now I am a happy camper.

Today was one of those serendipitous days that are rare indeed.  I had time, I had my first cup of tea and Genealogy Circle posted a link on Facebook to an Explorinar called "Evernote - Easy Note Taking UPDATED" by Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy and the great GeneaBloggers leader!  I had an Evernote account for some time but no time to learn how to use it.  I opened it and found it a real mystery.  So I had to put it aside until I could find the time to figure it out. 

How is that serendipitous you ask?  Well, there I was with time, a teacher and a wonderfully hot cup of tea. I not only learned how to use Evernote, but I was able to set it up in my Google Reader, which I would never have known I could, and have the web clipper in my browser. The biggest plus is that I know how to use it.  Thomas was very clear and made it easy to understand. 

A big thanks out to Thomas!  I enjoyed it very much and I learned something new.

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