Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to Work?

As you know I have been very slow to get back to work.  I thought perhaps I needed a little push, so of course I went shopping.  Believe me, it was a much needed boost to my 'get to work' button.

Hmmm. . . . Do you think it will work?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coming Back Slowly - Post 1

I've been off for a long while. The passion I'd worked under no longer drove me. I have had a great deal of trouble finding it again after the bone marrow transplant. But, it is slowly returning. I'm certainly not working as I once did, but that's ok. I will get there.

One thing I have had is lots of time to think as I try to recover and worry over what I thought was a lost passion. I realized I had been needing to define what that passion was. Often, in the community, the argument is made about who is or is not a genealogist. I find the argument time wasting, divisive and quite frankly, a little elitist. One thing was clear to me, though. I wanted to find and record my family history. That was my goal in the very beginning so many years ago. 

That is finally settled, at least in my heart. I am a family historian.  Now, I may under the title of “family historian” refer to myself as a genealogist. Merriam-Webster Online states that a genealogist is “a person who traces or studies the descent of persons or families”. On the other hand, I may refer to myself as the family historian. Again, Merriam-Webster Online states that a historian is “1. a student or writer of history; especially : one who produces a scholarly synthesis”; 2. “a writer or compiler of a chronicle”. Family is pretty self-explanatory, so I will let you define that one as you see it. I'll just say I'm a genealogist when I am looking for documents, dates, places and names, and call myself a family historian when I am fleshing out the people and the era . I feel the love and passion coming back.

I feel so much better now that has been solved. Now, on to the next problem. I hope it works out this well.

Merriam-Webster Online
Definition of:  genealogist, historian

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little Work

I updated my RootsMagic from version 4 to 6.  I haven't really had a chance, really haven't felt up to going over it all at once to see the differences.  I have been putting my 4 files together into one big one.  I had gotten 3 of them imported using RM4.  As I imported each one I would do the merging so that it would be a smaller job than if I left them to do when all the files were together.  I got RM6 right before doing the last file so I worked in it.  I tried to get it to do a duplicate search merge, and a pop-up briefly says I have 120 possible duplicates and then an empty Merge Duplicate Records box comes up.  I'm sure I've done something wrong.  I saw somewhere that there are learning videos online, so I will have to find them.  I did try the Search FamilySearch.  Works even for dummies!  Awesome feature!

I work on WikiTree as much as I can, though lately that is not much.  I try to get a dozen or so individuals on and then go back and add sources, photos and notes to them.  In the process I find mistakes and can make notes for each person of additional sources I need to find.  It's really a great way of going over old material and correcting mistakes.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

My WikiTree

I've been slowly putting my file on WikiTree.  Not as a GEDCOM but one individual at a time.  I can fill in the things I have but have not charted and recheck things as I go.  My file and my WikiTree are being sync-ed up as I go.  I love that I can add just about anything to my pages, and present the facts as I like.  I find them easy on the eye and very easy to put together.

My grandmother, Bizzie Lee Beard Brock has a page that I will eventually add memories to under the bio area.  My hope is that people that knew her will add their memories and information as well.  Those that have her in their tree, but did not know her, will get a clear picture of who she was and be able to add sources to their file or her page.  I can also add the name of the person who shared the information with me.

Join me @ WikiTree

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Business

TwigTalk has been inactive for some time.  There is a reason for my absence.  I have been ill for quite a while.  Hard to get a doctor to give you any time or have any real interest until there is proof.  A blood count of 5.7 brought about some
interest.  After many tests, a specialist and time, a couple of days before Christmas I was diagnosed with High Risk MDS or High Risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome.  I will be blogging about that journey on my other personal blog, This Side of My Monitor  from now on.

Here at TwigTalk I hope to get back to blogging about my research again.  I need an interest to get absorbed into. One of the things I have been doing is putting my 4 files together into one big one.  I read an article some time back about cross-overs
and duplicates being easier to deal with.  I wish I could remember the name of the blogger that wrote it. I think it is a good idea although I do seem to be moving slowly.  I want to be sure not to make any mistakes.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


I had forgotten that today was my blogoversary.  Time really flies when you are busy. There has been much to keep me from my blogging this last year, and I really need to get back to it.  I have been noting titles for posts as I would find something I wanted to say.  I'd better spend the rest of the year getting back into it and getting those posts written. 

I thank all of you for stopping by and wishing me Happy Blogoversary!  Geneabloggers, thanks for not forgetting me!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Start at Wikitree

I've been working slowly over at Wikitree.  Love those widgets!

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

From TwigTalk