Monday, April 26, 2010

It's My Blogoversary Today!

Wow.  Today is my second Blogoversary.  Had it not been for Thomas I would have forgotten completely.  Thank you Thomas!
It's hard to believe that I have been here blogging for 2 years.  Of late, I have not been that active.  I've had trouble getting back into the groove this year.  So much has happened and so much going on.  I've made so many good friends since I started this blog, and I enjoy all of you.

My hopes for the next year is to get back into the habit of blogging regularly.  I want to get my research out there and hopefully make new contacts! 

So here are my surnames:
ALEXANDER > IN(Jackson/Washington) > PA 1752
ALLMAN > IN(Jackson) > VA(Grayson) > PA(Fort Bedford) > Germany 1738
ANGLETON > KY(Boone) 1781
BOBMAN > PA(York) 1793
BOHALL > IN(Brown/Jackson) > KY(Meade) > NY 1793
BONNER > TN(McMinn) > SC 1805
BROCK > AL > TN(McMinn) > SC 1770
BROWN > AL 1890
CARTER > IN about 1820
CRAMER/KRAMER > PA(York) > Gemany(Wuettemberg) 1696
DITTMORE > TN(McMinn) > SC(Hamstead) 1780
DRAPER > IN 1819
HEINRICHSON > SC(Charleston) > Germany(Lanstadt, Hanover) 1760
HINES IN > VA(Sussex/Surry) > Scotland 1670
HOGG(/HOKE*mistake) > PA(York) > Scotland(Ayrshire) 1725
HOVIS > IN > OH(Noble) > PA(York) > Germany(Prussia) 1720
JACK > TN(McMinn) > VA 1805
JANES/JAYNES > IN(Jackson) > KY(Metcalf/Barren) 1811
JOICE/JOYCE > NC(Rockingham) 1805
LITTLE > VA about 1715
MARTIN > IN(Jackson) > KY 1806
MILSTEAD > KY > IN(Brown) 1800
MORGAN > AL > TN(Monroe) > NC > VA 1774
MOSES > TN(Monroe) > NC 1747
QUEENER > TN(McMinn) > SC 1770
ROBBINS/ROBINS > IN(Washington) > NC 1818
RABORN > AL > TN(Monroe) 1839
TALLENT > TN(Blount) > NC(Anson) 1690
WINSOR > KY(Danville) 1805

Thank you everyone for being so supportive!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award - Late of course.

Marian Wood over at Climbing My Family Tree and Laura Ann at Dreaming About Home gave me the Ancestor Approved award.  I am so late at getting this taken care of that most of you have already received it.  I want to thank Marian and Laura Ann very much for the award.  I'm sorry I have not gotten it up before now.  

I am  asked to list ten things that I have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised,
humbled, or enlightened me.  I'm not sure after all these years that I could keep it at ten.  I am often surprised by the strength of character and tenacity that it took to survive the hardships of earlier times.  I am humbled and enlightened by the faith and vision they held fast to. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Funeral Card Friday - Gladys Alexander Taylor

I have never met my great-aunts family, but would love to. She moved to California young. My grandmother visited her sister, Gladys in California once that I know of.

A Sort Of Rant.

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