Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brock Photo Mystery

This photo is of my Brock/Raborn/Raburn/Rayburn family. The young boy standing is my great-grandfather, Patrick "Pat" Henry Brock. The young woman standing is supposed to be his mother, Irene Matilda (Raborn/Raburn/Rayburn) Brock. Myself and other family members believe that it is true. The girl sitting on the elderly woman’s lap most likely is Patrick’s sister, Sarah, and the one standing, his sister Nellie. The man sitting and the elderly woman are the ones I need to put a name to. It is possible that the man is Patrick’s father, Francis Marion Brock. The older woman could be a grandmother perhaps. That would make her Irena [Ammons] Brock or Rebecca [Rue] Raborn/Raburn/Rayburn. Patrick was born in 1884, which would date the photo to around 1890 to 1895 perhaps. I have this photo on my site under 'Mystery Photos'. I would love to know if that is Francis "Frank" Marion Brock. If there are any cousins out there, I would love hearing from you!

The photo originally had 2 corners missing. It was digitally repaired by Richard Spencer.

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10 January 2009


Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

What a wonderful picture and having the corners repaired makes it perfect! Was that expensive to have someone restore the picture? I hope you discover who the unknown person is. Thanks for sharing.

wendy said...

What a great family portrait! Good luck in identifying them!

Anonymous said...

That is a terrific picture! I enjoyed your ost. What can you tell me about finding Richard Spencer? Looks like he does great work!

FamilyTwigs (Sheri Bush) said...

I didn't find Richard, he found me. I had posted the photo and asked one of the lists I belong to on RootsWeb to go and have a look at it to see if they could help. There was a nice discussion going on when a Richard Spenser just emailed me a copy of the fixed photo. He did not ask for credit or anything. It was such a good job that I wanted to broadcast who had fixed it. The last time I saw Richard posting was on the GenNewbie list at RootsWeb.
George Geder does great restoration work. I love looking at photos he's fixed. They are wonderful. He's got a blog and is on Facebook. I don't have a clue how much it would cost.

Holly said...

Hi Sheri, Where were your 'Reburns' from?

FamilyTwigs (Sheri Bush) said...

Monroe and Polk counties in Tennessee. I know Irene father was John.

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