Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Each of You: Happy New Year!

So it is finally here! A new beginning for us all. I always set goals for my new year, but most are personal ones. I like to think of them as goals or of late, promises to myself. Resolutions are so easy to break and joke about later. My goals or promises are things I need to give attention to. Things I give myself because I know I need them. So, I won't discuss them. I will give attention to them throughout the year and at years end, I hope I will have reached the goals I set for myself.
Many of you are old friends, but most of you are new friends found just in this past year. What a wonderful year it has been! And to find such great people. What a network you have helped me to build. Giving thanks for the old year as it wans, I will give thanks for all of you. I thank you all for coming into my life.

So, for all of you I hope:
That your new year is bright.
Good health, happiness and joy come your way.
Brick walls tumble.
Your ancestors are found.
You grow in personal ways you never thought possible.
You love and laugh.
And we all meet here same time next year to start all over again.

Happy New Year to you all!

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