Monday, January 5, 2009

Bohall/Draper Family Research

My first search of the year is a new line for me. Catherine E. Draper married George David Bohall. They are my 4th great grandparents.
George was born April 17, 1819 in Meade County, KY. He died December 7, 1897 in Tampico, Jackson County, Indiana. Catherine E. Draper was born April 20, 1822, I believe in Indiana, and died June 19, 1897 in Tampico, Jackson County, Indiana. They are both buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Grassy Fork Township in Jackson County. I have so far only found 4 children; Joseph, Elizabeth Ellen (my direct ancestor), John Dudley and James Seth. It is my belief that Catherine's E. stands for Ellen. It made it to my great-grandmother, Olive Ellen Martin.
George Bohall is of the basket-making Bohalls. Quite famous for their basket making abilities. Many of the families were in Brown County Indiana which is right next door to Jackson. I finally found George's obit just recently. It was an accident, quite frankly. I was in the library looking for something else and there he was. I had not been able to find it before so it was a very exciting moment! Here it is:

Wednesday, December 8, 1897.
George Bohall
George Bohall died Tuesday, December 7 at the home of John Shutters on Lynn Street with heart failure and infirmity. He was born in Kentucky opposite Leavenworth, April 17, 1810 and located near Tampico in this county 60 years ago. Two sons, John D. and James S. survive. Interrment in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery east of Tampico.

So that brings up another question. Who is John Shutters and why did George die there? It is also strange that Catherine died in June, Elizabeth died in July and George died in December of 1897. I bet I find an outbreak of something during that time period. It seems strange that all that death is not connected.

BTW: I still can't remember what I was looking for when I found George's obit. Now I have to go look for Catherine and Elizabeth in the same book.

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