Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About to Choose a New Program. . . .

The question is, which one? RootsMagic or Legacy. I have narrowed it down to those two. I have a trial of RM on my computer, and I have been working with Legacy 7 for a while. I'm thinking it is a little harder than it needs to be. But it does offer choices of everything. Do I need to make that many choices? RM seems friendly and appealing. It doesn't make me tense to play with it.
What ever choice I make is the one I will be sticking with. So it has to be good. This is the year. I want to have my choice made and my order in by the last of the month.
NO MORE FTM. I don't know what direction they are going, but it is definitely not my way. So far on Facebook I have had 3 for RM and 2 for Legacy. One voted for The Master Genealogist. I don't know anything about that one.

Please respond to my poll to your left.
Thank you.
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