Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day Eight

What a beautiful day! Either Indiana weather is improving or we are in a weird weather thing. . . . See, we complain about weather we have no complaints about. :o)
I think RootsMagic is it. I have played with it for quite awhile. I believe I like it! I can understand the source boxes without a manual. That's nice. It's a pleasant program. Also I've found out that if you buy it now, you will get the update to 4 when it comes out (prob. Nov.). So. . . . good news.
I meant to post this link before I started on by sourcing competition, but forgot. This is a good place to go when in doubt about how to cite a particular souce. It goes step by step through the citation or you can copy/paste citations for online sources, adding only your # where you need to. I have been recommending it to county users for a while. It is Pro-Genealogists Citation Guide .

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4. Write, Write, Write!
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Miriam said...

Yay! I'm glad you went with RootsMagic...hey, I should talk to Bruce Buzbee and get a commission out of this! ;-).

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