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William O. Jaynes, cont.

You find the craziest stuff sometimes. An ancestor will throw you a curve ball, and make you stop and think, "Perhaps that is why I'm nuts, it's genetic." It has been hard to find personal things about William. But I did find one thing. Not what I was expecting, though. Here is the article:
The Tribune
Seymour, Indiana
Tuesday, November 17, 1914
Page 4

William Jaynes Alleged to have Objected to Milking and Taking Animal to Pasture.

An unusual case was set for trial in the circuit court today, the defendant, William Jaynes, of Crothersville, being charged with maliciously killing a valuable cow that belonged to his wife. The indictment was returned by the grand jury after an investigation of the charge was made and when arraigned the defendant pleaded not guilty.

According to the witnesses that have been subpoenaed by the state, Jaynes employed Charles Parker, also of Crothersville, to shoot the cow and paid him $1 for performing the execution. Parker, it is said declares that he did not know that the animal belonged to Jaynes' wife and thought that Jaynes wanted the cow killed for beef. He said that he did not inquire why he desired the animal shot. Several persons witnessed the killing and were called as witnesses. It is reported that the only reason assigned by the defendant for killing the cow was that he had to milk her and take her to pasture each day and objected to the work. 

Now what am I supposed to garner from this? He was in his early 60's at the time.  I would have thought he'd have been glad the cow was providing milk for his family. My grandmother spoke often of Raney, but little about him. I may have discovered why. HA!

Last week I bought Heredis 2018. Bad move apparently. I still have hope, but little. They put up a link to get a fix for the problem of importing a gedcom. The fix does not work. It is my 'second' program, I work first in RootsMagic, so I need the import feature to work or it is useless to me. How do you work?

I worked also on going through my paper files and cleaning them up. Small progress there. It is a huge job. Still, it is going well.

The source is with the article above.

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