Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favorite Photo - My First Carnival

This is my first foray into the Carnivals. I haven't really been at the social thing for very long. But when I read this one, I decided I could do it. Right. Once I started looking I discovered something. How can I pick a favorite photo? I have a million favorite photos. All of them are favorites! So, as usual, I made it harder to do than it needed to be. I did finally make a choice. Pretty easy choice, in the end.
This is my favorite photo of my favorite grandmother, Della Mae [Alexander] Jaynes. That is her little brother, Merrill Harris Alexander, sleeping peacefully in the carriage. I love her little sad face. Her dress and hair are just perfect. I'd love to have the buggy!
But, doesn't she look so sad? I told her how sad she looked and she told me why. She said, "Oh my, I was sad. I had tore a hole in my stockings putting them on and when I got home I knew Mother would see it and I was going to be in trouble." She also talked about how long they had to stand and so very still they had to be.
The photo was taken about 1909.
[Yes, she said she got [her word] 'walloped' when they got home.]

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