Thursday, July 3, 2008


Above is a block that I have been unable to put a name to. I am certain that it has a name and I know it, but it seems to be hiding in an old brain. I do know that it is a variation on the "Dutchman's Puzzle". With a windmill pattern in the center block area I would know it as "Merry May". But with the 4 patch center I don't remember. It is a block on a quilt made by my paternal grandmother. I believe it to be ca. 1930 - 1940. Below is a sketch of the pattern.

I am photographing and gathering all the information I can about family artifacts for a 'museum' section on FamilyTwigs. I have started with the quilts. I have worn myself out measuring them and photographing everything on them. Checking the fabrics and trying to assess the damage to the older ones and approximate age of the quilt. When I am gone I do not know what will happen to them. I want to get all I know about them and my own assessment of them now. As you can see this one is coming apart in places. I believe it can be repaired but is it worth it? I don't know if I will repair or how yet, but the internet is good at teaching these kinds of things. For the most part this one is in pretty good condition for its age and the fact that it was created to keep people warm, not for show.
If you recognize the pattern email or 'comment'. I'd love to know!

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