Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favorite Photo - My First Carnival

This is my first foray into the Carnivals. I haven't really been at the social thing for very long. But when I read this one, I decided I could do it. Right. Once I started looking I discovered something. How can I pick a favorite photo? I have a million favorite photos. All of them are favorites! So, as usual, I made it harder to do than it needed to be. I did finally make a choice. Pretty easy choice, in the end.
This is my favorite photo of my favorite grandmother, Della Mae [Alexander] Jaynes. That is her little brother, Merrill Harris Alexander, sleeping peacefully in the carriage. I love her little sad face. Her dress and hair are just perfect. I'd love to have the buggy!
But, doesn't she look so sad? I told her how sad she looked and she told me why. She said, "Oh my, I was sad. I had tore a hole in my stockings putting them on and when I got home I knew Mother would see it and I was going to be in trouble." She also talked about how long they had to stand and so very still they had to be.
The photo was taken about 1909.
[Yes, she said she got [her word] 'walloped' when they got home.]

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Virginia Travis said...

What a wonderful photo AND story. Not a good memory for your grandmother, but the photo is priceless!

Terry Thornton said...

SHERI, That's a beautiful photo of your grandmother --- so sad --- so knowing. And learning why she was sad makes this photo even the more memorable. Thanks for sharing both picture and story.

Sheri said...

I love photos of children. Yours is wonderful. I am a Sheri also. Pronounced Sher-ree not Shar-ree

Sheri Fenley

looking4ancestors said...

This portrait of your grandmother and her little brother is adorable. Knowing the reason for the expression on her sad little face makes it even more so.


Nikki-ann said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo and the story behind it :) It's been a joy to visit!

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