Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pat or Not Pat? That is the Question...

We have a mystery. . . . again. My cousin found a reunion photo with a mark on the back saying San Antonio, Texas.

It was among Brock/Beard and associated family photos so we inspected it carefully. I found what I thought to be Pat (Patrick Henry) Brock.

Below is a known photo of Pat around 1968 or 1969.

My uncle states he thinks it was of Morgans and Pat is not in the photo . In particular, he believes it is the family of Callie Miranda Morgan. She was my gr-grandmother Jessie Morgan's younger sister, daughter of Reese [Simpson] Morgan and Matilda Marie White in Monroe County, Tennessee. Callie married Edward Lee Morgan, I know nothing else about him. She died in Tarrant County, Texas on October 15, 1965. I have been unable to find his death date.

San Antonio[Bexar] is some distance from Tarrant. I had heard that some of our Brock family went to Texas, so assumed this had to be them. They certainly have the Brock ears and nose! :o)
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