Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Artifact Work

Well, I'm still at it. I thought it would be an easy job. Just take the pictures and add the known data, maybe a story I knew about the item and Bam! I'm done. Ok. So nothing ever goes like that. I have taken photo after photo. I am still not really happy with the photos.

The quilts are just too big to photograph inside. So I took them out and hung them over the fence. I just don't have the right light at the right angle to get good color. It's always something. I am going to settle for the best photos and try later when I can take photos elsewhere perhaps. I have all that were made by someone else done. Now, the photos are done and I have them organized in the way I am going to add them to the site. The next part I like. I like to make pages. It's all down hill from here. (I hope!) I'm a little superstitious.

I've been thinking. I should put up the contemporary work of family members too. We are a crafty bunch! I think every family is. Most just don't think it very important or that anyone would be interested. I think that the work you do just because you love it, tells more about you. What I want my descendants to see when they find my work is who I (and my family) was and what I (and my family) loved. It will tell them more about me and my family than if I left an "About Us" book behind. A book can be edited, dressed up. Your work is you. It does not lie. I have no family members interested in taking my work on, no one of this generation. I have to think about getting it out there where it can be found in the future. I do have hope that someone, someday will look for us.

The adventure continues. . . . . . . . . ^..^!

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