Monday, September 8, 2008

Suddenly Busy

I don't know why, but things always heat up all at once. Lately it's been hot! I have had 3 new contacts about 3 different lines just in a week. My Morgan, Hovis and Hogg families. I love it!
I also don't know why, but I have either a monster cold or allergy outbreak of biblical proportions. :o( Ok. So it's not like a plague. Or is it? So I'm a little [lot] cranky and tired. Everytime I turn on the TV I want to throw stuff at it. How long before it's over? November??? [sigh] Weeeee.
Good news. There is a Storm Watch in the counties to the north and west of me. We may get rain. This is exciting news. I want thunder. I want pouring rain. It's been a long time since we got more than sprinkles. I am hoping!
I can't talk throat hurts. [cough] [cough]

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