Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bizzie's Quilts

Bizzie Lee [Beard] Brock made all of these. When she made them is probably fuzzy but I am sure she made them all before the move to Indiana from Alabama. So that would be pre-1951. They are all in bad shape, some worse than others. But they were all used. A lot. My dad told me of the quilting bees and how they pulled out the cotton to make the batts. You can still find cotton seeds that they missed in some of the quilts.
This one is the fanciest one she made. I think she actually bought fabric to make this one. So it would have been for something special. I wish I knew the history!
This one almost matches. That one block throws it off. It's a small quilt and it is in very bad shape. I believe because of its size it is most likely one of the childrens quilts. Because of the color I would say one of the girls.
This thing weighs a ton! The fabric you see was added later when the original quilt was in really bad shape. She didn't throw it away, she simply recovered it. She also took the time to re-quilt it. She bulked it up with a flannel lining. The thing is heavy. A small child would not be able to move under this thing! It was obviously covered with scraps from other projects. I can't tell what the original design was without further damaging the quilt. This is the quilt I have the most questions about!
I am building my museum/artifact pages for my site, FamilyTwigs. When I have it up and running all the stats on the quilts will be listed; such as size, fabric types, more detailed photos and damage. I also try to date them all.

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