Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Cemetery Visit

I've been so busy lately that I have not had much time to blog. Allergies are bad right now, too.
Yesterday my sister and I went to visit and clean up my dads grave. I am always in a 'mood' after that. We also ran by the gr-grandparents graves on the way home. I didn't have much time, but I got photos of all the old stones that had broken and fallen since last time. Each time I will fill my card/camera with photos until they are all photographed.
Both are small country cemeteries. My dad is atop a knob overlooking the 'holler' in Cummins Cemetery. He was born in Alabama in the mountains. He had spent his last years in the area and said it reminded him of home. I wish he was closer to town as we can't get out there as often as we'd like, but I know he loved the area. The gr-grandparents cemetery, Chestnut Ridge, is larger, and had lost a couple trees in the storm. It's not as isolated, but still quite a ways out of town.
I enjoy walking through cemeteries. Nice way to end a busy day.


generationsgoneby said...

Allergies are killing me too. I love that picture of your aunt. I swear I thought it was one of mine when I saw her.

Have fun cemeterying.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

My family teases me because now they say I have to stop at each cemetery I see - which is, of course, impossible to do, but it is a goal!

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