Monday, February 18, 2019

A Short Break

I have stayed busy, just not as genealogically busy as normal. I did remove my DNA kit from FamilyTreeDNA. I had read all the TOS and Privacy agreements on all the DNA sites before I did the testing. I chose FTDNA because of its agreement. Now they have rewritten theirs, and broke the original, I decided I would remove mine, as I don't like a company that does that. If you can't trust them, don't do business with them. I was nervous about doing DNA testing in the beginning, so I actually feel relieved that it is over. I was surprised that they were able to test me anyway, because of the bone marrow transplant. Other companies have been unable to test BMT patients. My brother was my donor, and I carry his DNA as well. They did not have a problem, which made me a little wary, but the matches verified my work, but they did not add anything to my tree. Even using DNA, you must do the work. I don't see it as an important part of my search at this point.

There has been several family illnesses lately. I have also been absorbed in a creative venture, so I am on a short break. Breaks sometimes help me with problem areas in my tree. I hope this one does!

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Saqline Mostak said...

Love your blog,Just wanted to reach out to say a big thank you for what you’ve been publishing lately.

On top of my genealogy, I’ve been using my data from 23andMe and Ancestry to do more with my DNA and gain insights into what is right for me in terms of my health nutrition.
I was able to upload my data to Gini and get a lot of free reports.
Or just visit

Also their food lens is awesome. You should check it out. They encyrypt and deidentify all data and don't share it with third parties - so if you value your privacy, definitely take a looksie.

Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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