Thursday, January 10, 2019

History of Place

I found this today when working on my Robbins line. From the Brownstown, Indiana newspaper:

Jackson County Banner
Brownstown, Indiana
Wednesday, April 15, 1964
Page 1

Old Brownstown Landmark Burns

Fire, of unknown origin, heavily damaged a frame and log one and one-half story house on Fourth Poplar street, about 4:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

The house is owned by John C. Robbins, of Brownstown, and was occupied by Mrs. Luella Wier, who lost most of her household furnishings.

The house, one of the oldest in Brownstown, has been in the Robbins family for ninety years. It was purchased by Absalom Robbins, the late father of John Robbins, in 1875 from Elizabeth McClellan, who had bought it in 1868 from the original owner, William D. Bohall.

The late Mr. and Mrs. Robbins lived in the home during their lifetime and their children were born and reared there.

John C. Robbins is the third generation owner of the residence.


This gives the history of a house in Brownstown, Indiana. This was a special find for me as I love to find the history of place when researching my family. The only person I do not recognize in this article is Mrs. Luella Wier. You see, Absalom Robbins is my first cousin, 4 times removed on my maternal grandfather's line. William D. (David) Bohall is my first cousin, 5 times removed on my maternal grandmother's line. Elizabeth McClellan is an ancestor of the husband of my niece. How could a place be more connected to me and my family? I am only sorry there was no photo of the place. But there are dates and names and what happened to the place.

I only ran into this article when looking for an obituary. I also found the obituary! What a lucky day!

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