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52ancestors 52weeks Week 3

I've actually had several ancestors that can claim "longevity" as a blessing in their lives. I have many ancestors that lived well into their 90's. But I will post one that is hard to believe.

Many years ago I was sent a copy of an advertisement for a product called Peruna, Dr. Hartman's remedy from another Brock researcher. I think it is from about 1899, at least according to my math. It features a cousin of mine named Isaac Brock, or known to us Brock researchers as Texas Isaac. He claims he was born March 1, 1788 in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and is a citizen of McLennan County, Texas.  It also says he is 111 years old. He (Isaac) says "I attribute my extreme old age to the use of Peruna." I'm going to assume Peruna is a tonic of some sort. A miracle elixir which can cure whatever ails ya.
There is a drawing of him, shown above, but it's a bad "newspaper picture". Still, I don't think he looks 111. But I don't know anyone else to compare it to.
It says of Isaac:
Born before United States was formed.
Saw 22 Presidents elected.
Pe-ru-na has protected him from all sudden changes.
Veteran of four wars.
Shod a horse when 99 years old.
Always conquered the grippe with Pe-ru-na.
Witness in a land suit at age of 110 years.
Believes Pe-ru-na the greatest remedy of the age for Catarrhal Diseases.

I know all of this is true because he signed his name to the document. His seal of approval. I got to find me a bottle of this stuff! LOL!

The Waco, Texas papers state that Isaac died September 3rd, 1909 at 122 years, 6 months and 2 days in China Springs, Texas. They wrote about him a lot. And so they should. He seems to have been an amazing character, no matter what his age.

Well, as you may have guessed by now, all is not as it seems. Isaac's daughter, Sallie, had written to the courthouse in Buncombe County, North Carolina to see when her father was born. They sent her the information for his uncle Isaac, that was born March 1, 1788. Texas Isaac did not know that the information was not his. 

The family has determined since, that Texas Isaac Brock was born March 1, 1805 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. He worked in the gold mines in Georgia, learned to be a blacksmith in Alabama, served 4 years in the Civil War, and had a blacksmith shop in Waco, Texas. He outlived 2 wives, had 16 children, and died at the ripe old age of 104.

Yep. Peruna works. Texas Isaac lived a very long, honorable life. I'm proud to be his family.

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