Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scanning And Other Adventures

I finished scanning my treasures. Took longer as I had to examine each one as I went. Such a wonderful bag of treasure it was too. Though I did miss ScanFest. I don't get very much work done when I do make it to the event. Too busy reading and chatting, I'm afraid. Sunday seems to be a busy day lately, for me.

Out of my bag of treasure I also have a yearbook to add to the collection on the county site. 1948-49 Jr. High yearbook to be exact. One problem I am having is getting the pages sized without making a mess of the photos. When I run them through Irfanview as I have with all of the others, the photos become heavily dotted. You cannot see the pictures good enough to make out anyone. The entire yearbook is on a bad quality paper. It is only printed on one side and the photos are all class photos, not individual ones as most are. So some experimenting is called for to try to fix the photos while taking most of the weight out of them. One page averages 10MB or so. I need to have them under 200KB and smaller yet readable.

There are many newspaper clippings, most are dated. How lucky is that?! Also my mother's grade school report cards! Those were fun.

The big one was the 1959 guide to Disneyland! We went to California and stayed quite a while with my aunt in San Bernardino the summer of 1959. I got to go to Disneyland. I remembered the trip but didn't know the guide existed. It didn't have any genealogical purpose other than it brought back many wonderful memories of the trip.

Now to get them all organized. . . . . . .


geneabloggers said...


Just heard about your fall over at Ancestral Notes by Earline.

I hope you get better soon and that the pain eases (or at least you have good pain meds!) If there is anything you need let me or the rest of the genealogy blogging community know!

GrannyPam said...

I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you recover quickly. In the mean time, rest, relax, drink tea (or whatever seems right).

Janet Iles said...

Sheri - Best wishes for a quick recovery from your fall.

Amy Coffin said...

Sheri, I heard you had a bad fall. Sorry to hear that. Please get well soon. I'm thinking positive, healing thoughts for you!

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