Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Donald Eugene Jaynes: A TwigTale

Donald "Don" Eugene Jaynes was born September 17, 1921 in Jackson County, Indiana. He was the only son of Della and Jim Jaynes, had a dog named drum and was generally a normal, full of life boy. He had 3 sisters.

He was so happy in February of 1938 to get his Beginners License to drive.

He became ill in May and died June 17, 1938 of Leukemia. They didn't tell my grandmother that he was dying. They did not think she would be able to go on and they were probably right. She had to care for him, and she thought he was going to get better. She often talked about the horrible grief that stayed on her for so long. At this time of year she always became sad and talked about him and his friends. His life had only begun.

She had kept the calendar. This was written at the top of June. Up until this page she had written all kinds of things each day. There were no entries after June by her.

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footnoteMaven said...


What a poignant story, but important to tell for history.

The calendar really got me. It was as if she was talking out loud.


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