Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back to Business

It appears that the clean-up is in progress. I don't think we got enough rain last night to make things really bad, though I am sure even a drop was not welcome. This morning on Tribtown the 'Breaking News' was about a fire in Crothersville. Nothing about the flooding. I feel sorry for those that have lost so much. I have cousins that had to be evacuated and I still haven't heard about how they have fared. I hope it did not get into their homes.
Today I have several tasks on my to do list for genealogy. I have scanning to do. I also have several things to take care of for the county site and I don't have to go out at all. (I hope) My plan is to get EVERYTHING online. Timeline on that? Before I die :o) As the flood had shown, you can lose everything in a blink of the eye. I need my work to outlive me. My children are not interested in genealogy. I have been trying to find a personal site that has done this. I want to see how. There is WeRelate but I just haven't made up my mind about that yet. It's not an easy site to work with and it has other problems still. The new FamilySearch is the place I am waiting to see. I hope it is going to give the option of uploading copies of your sources and having them available to visitors. I've heard a lot of great things about it but not about uploading sources. The FamilySearch people are hard-wired to care for the ancestors forever, they consider it an honor and a duty. What safer place than a mountain?
So, anyone out there have any opinion on the best way to deal with such a task? I'd love to hear from you.

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