Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coming Attractions? Oh, my!

UPDATE: We have a Boil Water Advisory and evacuations in Seymour [CITY] are taking place now. (11:47 a.m.)

I have been watching all of the flood news in Indiana with interest. It's taking place less than 30 miles north of me. The operative word, of course, is NORTH. We have become a staging area at our little State Police Post for tracking and stopping. Tracking the water and stopping the traffic. I65 and US31 are closed here so they are routing traffic to Highway50. It runs right though town and east/west. 65 and 31 are north/south. There are a lot of lost people out there.
Columbus Hospital evacuated some to our hospital and I believe Floyd counties hospital. Being in the middle we get half our channels on TV[Comcast] from Indy and half from Louisville. The Indy half are out for some reason. I don't think it is from the water as they have been going out and popping back in for over a week. So I can't see much today about what is going on. Maybe they will pop in later today. I'd get better reception off an antenna right now.
We have the East Fork of the White River here, or just over there actually:o) I'm not in trouble but there are those here that were already in trouble. The river is OUT. It was OUT before the big rains came. This morning it was at 20.6 feet and rising. It will continue to rise. I haven't seen the estimates yet. Maybe I don't want to look. The biggest flood was in 1913. The highest it has ever gone is 21 feet. So you can see the problem. They are evacuating many rural towns here in Jackson County as I write this. It isn't going to crest until probably mid-week. We expect rain here Monday and Tuesday. I'm really a 'get up and do it yourself' kind of person but for the people that are in the path and have already lost so much a prayer would not go amiss. The farmers need a special prayer. The fields were already half gone. Some are looking at total losses. Farming is a tough and thankless job. Without them we would be in real trouble.

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