Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Tools I Use

I wondered where I should start. What is your first blog entry supposed to be about? So, after some thought, I decided it should be at the beginning. I'll start with a list of the tools I use all the time. So here goes:

I use Picasa to organize my vast collection of photos. I simply can't lose one with Picasa. It will find every one. And it is pretty simple to work with.

Irfanview allows me to resize by the batch or singly. I couldn't function without this one.

I love HTML-kit (editor). All of my sites are made with this. I started with it and I have not been able to change to something else. I keep NoteTab Light for certain things. It is great for stripping code out of a page.

FileZilla is so easy to use and stable it is a breeze to upload/FTP anything.

I love Open Office. Everything is possible with this suite of tools. It will read Word files.

For my research I have 2 that I keep just for small things.
There are certain reports I like in PAF . I don't use it for a lot, I never really worked with it regularly, but I keep it handy.

I use the free version of Legacy . I am considering buying the full version. I like the program, but I really want a simpler program. I have not yet become sure this is it. I do work with it more and more.

I have FamilyTreeMaker 2005 that I use, but will never upgrade. I am going to either get Legacy [full version] or RootsMagic. Though I had read a lot of good things about a free program from MyHeritage called Family Tree Builder so I downloaded it to try. It looks good. I am going to work with it on a small file and see how it goes.

Other programs I use a lot are PaintShopPro 8 and Express Thumbnail Creator. Both are commercial programs. The Express program is wonderful and I got it free at Giveaway of the Day which I have listed in the side bar at the bottom of this page. I will buy The Thumbnail Creator. Yes it is that good. Any webmaster could use this little beauty.

Well I guess that is it. The first step has been taken. The hard part, right? Hope it all goes this smooth.

FYI: Flower graphics are almost always those of Sharon from the MSN group, AncestorChronicles: Our Kin And Their Times. They are a great research group. They love to help you. Sharon is a wonderful gardener. Want to get some help and meet new friends, go have a look.

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