Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bizzie Lee [Beard] Brock

This is my grandmother, Bizzie Lee Beard/Brock with 5 of her 7 children. I have often wondered about her name. Bizzie. If you google it, you get only her. In early census records she is listed as Busy L. and Lee B. If she was born with Elizabeth or another eveyday name, she took the secret to her grave. I often heard people address her as Miss Bizzilee, running it all together like one name. My father, Rufus Lee, is the tallest young man in the back. He died in 2006, completely breaking my heart.

Bizzie Lee Beard was born May 28, 1909 in Atalla, Etowah Co., Alabama. She died January 8, 1989 in Seymour, Indiana. She was the daughter of Charles Pinkney Beard and Beatrice Brown, both of Alabama, and she married Rufus Marion Brock. She attended the Calvary Baptist Church all her life. She was a Sunday School Teacher when I was young. Her mother, Beatrice, died when she was a baby.

I remember her getting up every morning and making biscuits from scratch. Melt in your mouth biscuits. I have asked everyone for the recipe and no one was able to achieve them. The how to was never written down. Something lost in time, I am sorry to say.
My dad always said it was hard when his dad died, but he could hardly stand being without his mom.
I have not been able to get a lead on the Browns. Beatrice was born May 29, 1890 and died October 1, 1911. She possibly had a brother or nephew named Robert Brown in Alabama. The story is they moved away from the area. I do know that they were close to my grandma when she was growing up. I have heard that she lived with them for a while after her mother, Beatrice, died.
A story that Grandma told me was about her wedding day. She said that on the day her and my Grandfather wanted to get married they had to go looking for the preacher. They found him at the local filling station. He married them on the back of a buckboard wagon in the pouring rain. She told me this story herself when I was a young woman of about 13 or 14. So I believe it was true.

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