Sunday, April 27, 2008

History is More Than Dates

I came upon a discussion on a list today about documenting things the way we do people/dates. The person who brought it up is one I have learned a lot from just reading his/her messages to others. In the list case, the talk was of photographing textiles such as crochet, quilts, and embroidery that one keeps safely packed away out of site in hopes of not allowing them to deteriorate. The idea was to make a CD for family members of these precious artifacts and their details and stories. They are as much a part of our history as the dates and places. And I think it would be a great gift for everyone. I suddenly thought it was important to document all the little things I have from my ancestors.
Textiles are not forever no matter how hard you try to keep them safe. Quite frankly, keeping them safe would mean packed away out of site and certainly would seem to defeat the purpose of the whole exercise that went into creating them. As a quilter from a long line of quilters I know that once gifted with a quilt, we expect you to use it and enjoy it. All those little 'accidents' and 'boo-boos' give the thing character. My daughter had one that she had gotten a place that her thumb could stick into at night and she was safe. I didn't mend it. That was her quilt and it just would never fit anyone else. We quilters want them to be loved.
So I have a new project to start. I'm a note maker. I am awash in notes. I am happy.

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