Friday, March 16, 2018

52 Ancestors, 52 Weeks Week 11


I am a little late getting to this one. I know I am stretching this, but the prompt is "Lucky". I don't know any lucky. I have spent a week putting together a book on my step-fathers family for him. He is very lucky. I chose to do this. He has a great family. He found his way into our lives. Sunday is his 82nd birthday. He is indeed very lucky.

He's had a bad time this past year. His daughter died, another breast cancer victim. He lost the last of his siblings, too. 

I had some work done on his lines. I managed to find and source quite a lot. I also found several photos. It was very exciting!

I have William Henry Kiser back to Hiram Samuel Kiser, in his Kiser line. I have found this line very hard. I was unable to find any obits or paper items. I don't have access to newspapers in the Monroe County, Indiana area.

James Kiser was married to Ola Eaton. Her line goes back through Henry M. to William R. and finally to Samuel Eaton. They came from Virginia to Indiana. The line is most likely from England.

His Hunsucker line is a German/Swiss line. From Robert Henry Hunsucker back to George W. Hunsucker and beyond.

The Hughes line seemed to stop with his great-grandfather, Samuel Taylor Hughes. A confusing end, I'm afraid. On Ancestry it went from Samuel T. Hughes to James Snead? I have to assume there is a break in some way with Hughes. But what kind of break? In the records I was unable to find anything. In the trees there was conflicting information. This kind of break drives me crazy. I have to find the truth. There must be documents somewhere. I have to regroup and make a plan. I had a time limit on the book and what I could do in such a short time. Now I have more time I need to take the time and find what happened. Samuel Taylor Hughes married Hannah Elizabeth Dowling, daughter of James Dowling.

Anyone working these lines?

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