Friday, May 15, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Diana R. over at Random Relatives gave me an award! She said, "The instructions are quite simple - just to nominate 7 other blogs." Thank you so much, Diana, for the recognition of TwigTalk. I appreciate it.

Finding Grandpa

A Couple of Bubbles off Center

Gena's Genealogy

Tangled Trees

Two Sides of The Ocean

Kinfold News

Searching For Family Branches


Jewelgirl said...

Thank you it is very nice that you
passed this lovely award on! I also
have Hoosier roots. I am now following your blog! :) Jewelgirl

Harold's Daughter said...

I'm flattered to get that lovely award! Thank you! My comments notification apparently wasn't working, or I would've been here sooner!

I too have Hoosier roots: Jasper Co, Vigo Co, and a however-many-ggf is buried at the NW edge of Indianpolis. Plus a daughter lived in Elkhart, but has *no* interest in family history. Not even after we spent a day in Renssalaer! But I'll *have* to follow this blog!

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