Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dad's Calling - The Good Earth

I could start out on this topic going a back a century or more and talking about ancestors that came to this country and farmed. I have a family history of farmers on both sides. But, I don't have to talk about family stories or ancestors I never met. I'll start with a very contemporary memory.

My Dad, Rufus Brock, died in June of 2006. So I will dedicate this post to him.

He was born in Alabama, but moved to Indiana with his family when he was a teen. His father didn't care for the family business, farming. He worked in a factory that was building a plant in Indiana. He agreed to go north. Dad lied about his age and went to work in the new Indiana plant. There he worked until he took early retirement when the plant was being closed in the 70's. He was a line foreman and die setter at Arvin Industries when he retired.

He then embarked upon his second career. He became a general contractor. He enjoyed building things. I have many pieces of furniture he built for me and often pass houses he built around town. He was good at it. But there was only one thing he did all his life. One thing he loved the most. He always had a garden. It was in his blood.

So he retired late from contracting, and began his final career and journey. Dad loved to learn and try new things.

He began his gardening in earnest. He took his vegetables to the farmers markets in the tri-county area. He was always growing unusual vegetables and the flower salads he made were quite popular! He offered fresh cut flowers when he had them.

Somehow he made the newspaper almost every year. He had become a well-known and well-liked regular at the local farmer's market. He went home with an empty truck most of the time. I think he enjoyed meeting the people at the markets most.

He spent his last morning in his beloved garden. That is how he would have wanted it to be.

Written for Carnival of Genealogy: The Good Earth
Due: June 1, 2009


Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father! Wish I had known him and visited him at the Farmer's Market. I would have loved to try his flower salad! Thanks for sharing friend.

Cheryl Fleming Palmer said...

Congratulations! I have awarded you the Puckerbrush Award for Excellence. Please check and get your award here -

Gini said...

Hi Sheri, I awarded you with the Puckerbrush award, I see that Cheryl also did, I have been a bit out of the loop, I didn't know! You deserve it so I am going ahead too! Please stop by and pick it up.

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