Saturday, March 7, 2009

Randy's Saturday Night Fun - Episode 1(for me)

Well it is night here. Completely dark. This is my first time doing Randy's Saturday Night Fun over at Genea-Musings. I'm not usually here. But tonight I am and I am playing!

1. When did you start genealogy research? Very late 1970's

2. Why did you start doing research? I started by writing down the stories. I just wanted to write them down so they wouldn't be lost to time for my own children. It just blossomed and grew from there. And grew....and grew....and grew.

3. What was your first big success in research? I found my Alexander family in a book at the library. Thomas was a Revolutionary War veteran. It was very exciting!

4. What is your biggest genealogy regret? That I started to late to interview my gr-grandparents. I had one maternal gr-grandmother that died in 1975 and a paternal gr-grandfather that died in 1972. I could have talked to both them, first hand.

5. What are you best known for in the genealogy world? Best known for? I don't think I am best known for anything. I suppose most people know me for my County GenWeb site? I've barely been blogging for a year. I don't think I rant. Maybe I should find a subject and rant.

6. What is your professional status in genealogy? No status. I wish. Maybe one day I will be certified. (for genealogy, not insanity. I'm already certified in that.) I have been a County Coordinator for several years now. I have some knowledge about my county, how to help and about site design.

7. What is your biggest genealogy achievement? The Jackson County, INGenWeb site. I've built it up from 90 pages to 2,208 pages. I think our "First Family" pages are wonderful. Juggling life, genealogy and quilting isn't easy.

8. What is the most FUN you've had doing genealogy? That would be anytime I get together with other like-minded people to research. I've had a few of those.

9. What is your favorite genealogy how-to book? I don't think I can pick just one. They each have their moment in the sun. I am considering the upgrade to the new Elizabeth Mills "Evidence....".

10. What notable genealogist would you like to meet someday? I have to agree with Randy. Maureen Taylor. She is going to be at the Indiana Historical Society March 10 in Indianapolis and I can't go. I wouldn't want to go alone though.

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