Monday, March 30, 2009

My Janes/Jaynes Line

I have a problem with my Janes/Jaynes line. I ran into a wall in Metcalf County, Kentucky. I have several walls, but this one is a big one. It all starts with my grandfather, James Jaynes. He never talked much about his family, but what he did say helped get me this far. It was easy to trace to Kentucky. Census records went right back. Very clear. It becomes muddy though, really fast.

Let's see, there is my grandfather, James, his father George Thomas, his father, William Obadier, and finally his father, David. David is the problem. He was born about 1811 in Kentucky and married Nancy [most likely Hughart/Huggart/Hugard] about 1829. In the 1850 census of Barren County, Kentucky. These children are listed: Rebecca Hughart Janes, Henry B. Janes, Martha W. Janes, Grace W. Janes, Elizabeth Janes, James T. Janes, Nancy M.C. Janes, Eliza J. Janes. William O. shows up in the 1860 Metcalf County, Kentucky census with siblings Nancy and Eliza, and his parents, David and Nancy. Before 1850 I cannot even know which David Janes is in the census, though there are some in the area. It's just impossible to tell.

There is a David Janes Jr. in the area. His history was laid out in the book, "History of the Janes-Peek Family (From Grandma's Little Trunk)," 1975 by Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins. She has David Sr. with only 3 children; Thomas J JANES (b: 1806 in Adair,KY), Mary JANES (b: 1820 in KY) and possibly Spencer C JANES (b: 1804 in ,,IL/TN). Only 3 children don't seem quite right. He was a Junior, his father was David Sr., so what happened. I read that Mrs. Collins thought David Jr. had more children but could not find them. So. . . . It's an easy jump from there to where I think it will go. One more fact, David Jr. was married first to Rebecca MNU. Another tidbit.

Now for the hunt.....

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Linda said...

I'm so glad to find your blog! I'm researching Thomas J. Janes; his son David is my direct ancestor. Wondering where you found the "History of the Janes-Peek Family" book? I can't find it anywhere, and my library wasn't able to get it through interlibrary loan. First photo I have of this family is of Myrtie Janes, David Janes' daughter. I'd be happy to send you photos if you like. Contact me at Best regards, Linda

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