Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kind Of A Drag . . .

. . . . or is it? Could it be 4 really homely women :^) Sorry. This is another 'orphan' photo. As I thumbed through the stack I thought hats, I must check them out more carefully. When I went back, boy was I surprised! I didn't catch it first time around. The middle two are a little more creative than the other 2. A wig and a purse! I will never identify them. Wish I could. What would a researcher say, I wonder, if I said I have a photo of your grandpa?
Actually I could just have easily posted a drag photo of my own. I have one of my grandfather and his friend hamming it up like this too. It must have been all the rage in the early decades of the 20th century.
What appropriate timing.

^..^Trick or Treat!^..^

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Smile For The Camera


Shani said...

Your a winner of an award.
please drop by my blog to pick it up .

footnoteMaven said...

What is it about men throughout history that they find such amusement in dressing up as women?


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