Monday, August 29, 2016

The Genealogy Do-Over Goes On and On and On . . .

The lack of posts on this blog would indicate that nothing is being accomplished here, but that is not so. I admit that it is going so slowly that it sometimes seems I am completely still. I do have many days that I am not feeling well due to the cGVHD, but I am getting things done. Just slowly. Very slowly.

My decision to do the Genealogy DoOver that Thomas MacEntee started was a good thing. I started my research in the mid part of 1970s. Need I say more? It really was in a mess. My research techniques and citation abilities improved over the years but I never really went back to fix the old problems. So, my work has just begun.
The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook
by Thomas MacEntee
I had not been able to bring myself to add my fathers data to the file after he died in 2006. So that was completed in the Do Over. I also did not realize how many living I had to add to the file. So many, I felt like I would never get to the ancestors. I will try to keep up now. As a matter of fact, I have added 2 new grand-nieces to the file since I began my DoOver. My eldest granddaughter graduated high school and that needed to be added. The family had grown since the 70s. I was always looking back instead of looking around me.

This is how far I have gone in just over a year.
I've been scanning and organizing and printing (yes, I am old-school and keep paper files) as I'm able. It's a relaxed schedule that is bringing back the joy of the research. I was afraid I had lost the passion after the BMT. So happy that it has returned.

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