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Simpson Reece Morgan - A TwigTale

Simpson Reece Morgan
 Reece Morgan was born in Monroe County, Tennessee on December 25, 1856.  He was my gr-gr-grandfather.   His parents were William M. Morgan and Sarah Serena Tallent.  I have followed the Morgans back to William Morgan born 1774 in Virginia.  The Tallent family goes back to about 1728 in the Carolina area.

Around 1878 in Tennesse, Reece married Matilda Marie White, aka. "Tilda".  During their life they produced 10 children; Rufus M. born 1879, Minnie Ellen born 1880, James Frank born 1883, Jessie Adeline (my great-grandmother) born 1884, Robert Benjamin born 1887, Kitty O. born 1889, Callie Miranda born 1892, Grace B. born 1893, Edgar L. born 1902 and Talmidge Digger Morgan born about  1904.  I have little information on Talmidge Digger who died in 1977 in Yakima, Washington.  All the others I have information on.

In 1908 they left Monroe County, Tennessee and moved to the Marshall/DeKalb County area of Alabama.

Edgar was only 16 when he died.
Photo by: Tina Brock Smith
Reece died January 10, 1942 in Collinsville, Alabama.  He was 86 years old.  He was buried in Copeland's
Bridge Cemetery in DeKalb County, Alabama. 
Reece Morgan's grave - Photo by: Tina Brock Smith


Aamer Waqas Chaudhary said...

Liked the putting of the record straight and making it known to the people.

William R. said...

Hey, I was wondering if you have followed the Morgan line back any further? My great-grandfather was a Morgan, the farthest back I can get (almost accurately) is to about Daniel Boone's family in PA. Boone's wife was Morgan, and I think it might be her family that I traced it too, then from there it goes to Wales. So, I just was wondering what you had gotten, if you had looked into that part? or if you are even connected to that part. Anyways, just curious.

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