Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Goes On In The Head Of A Blond? I Have Proof!

Going through the box of things that are not photos, but will be used in my scrapbooking, I ran across this x-ray.  At the time it was very important.  My daughter was born with a birth defect and we spent a lot of time at Riley Children's Hospital in Indy.  They always worked hard to make kids ok with a hospital stay.  We've been through magicians, clowns and one birthday party (very lucky only one was spent there).  We were there for the Pan Am games and a visit from the Disney people.  At the time it didn't seem so important, but looking back it takes on a new identity.  It was fun in the middle of pain.

Over the years we met many children that are no longer, many wonderful families and a hospital that treats the whole child and family as one.   And that is a good thing.

Well, in July of 1987 we had to make a middle of the night run to the ER at Riley.  All I remember is how tired we were and how scared.  She needed an x-ray so we headed for the dungeon and what did we find?  Emptiness.  Quiet.  Very unusual, I can tell you.  Shani had her Cabbage Patch with her as always.  It was blond and female but I can't remember it's name.  After my daughters x-ray, the X-ray tech said the doll needed one too.  We found out what goes on in a blond's head.  It's official, and I have proof.

Family History is not all serious business........

P.S. Don't tell anyone I was blond and so was my daughter.......Shhhhhhh
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