Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Off To A Good Start

Well I have gotten off to a good start. I have cited 83 sources and it seemed to just fly by! Kept my head down and got it done!
1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources DONE Platinum
I've also finished Task A and Task C of 2. Back Up Your Data! Task C was very important since I had not backed up my files for a while, since October 09 actually. I use RootsMagic4, but backup as a Gedcom file so that it could work with any program should something happen to me. I back up online and on a storage HD.

Still feeling good but it has only begun........LOL

On a side note, I am snowed in and suffering from insanity. The weatherman said today that there are 2 storms heading my way for next week. I shut him off and I refuse to talk to him again.

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