Thursday, October 29, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandpa's Fountain Pen

James "Jim" Jaynes was my grandfather. He was a plumber. He had his own plumbing business which he ran out of the house. As children my brother and I loved to go through the trash basket that he kept beside his desk. It was always filled with unopened mail full of wonderful things. Local businesses would send him ink pens, tablets, rulers, little pocket gadgets and other little things with their advertising on the items. It was a treasure chest to a child. He always made sure there was plenty to open when we visited.
He often sat there doing his business which included a lot of paperwork. His fountain pen fascinated me. He showed me how to fill it by dipping into the bottle of ink and pulling the little lever.
It was a great joy to find he had kept that pen for so many years. I am lucky to have it in my little chest of treasures. It brings a good memory when I catch site of it.

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Linda said...

What a sweet story--I'm glad that you have the pen in your possession.

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