Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season. . .

Well the season is here like it or not. But I'm actually feeling different this year. Unusual. I feel a strong longing for the rituals and celebrations of my childhood. The faith of my ancestors. I don't understand that. I have had my own way of doing things for a long time. I have not had that longing before. I find myself missing the marking of the seasons. Missing the Nativity. Missing all the things I thought I had put behind me. So what is different this year? I miss the communion with the sacred. The silent, holiness of the night, the still waiting, the quiet joy. I miss the voices of the past. There was an excitement and hopefulness in those days that I have lost in the passing of time. Why do I miss those things this year?

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Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

We all wish we had most if not all of Christmas' past. The celebration of the season, the holiday cards, the laughter, the spiritualism and of course our ancestors to share it with. Cherish those memories and rekindle the joy of the season and start creating those wonderful feelings again. Gather with family and friends and just enjoy the simple holiday joy!
Merry Christmas.

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