Thursday, January 1, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over 2015!

 Finally it's a new year.  I can say with absolute certainty that I am not sorry to see the old year gone.  The past 2 years have been awful.  Today, I welcome this new year with the hope that it will be a better year.  I intend that it will be a more productive year.    For the first time I have set my intentions in writing.  Not resolutions.  Intentions.  I do not need to "resolve a problem".  My "intent" is to have a better year.  So I step into 2015 with purpose to have a great, productive year.  My hope is for better health and strength. 

I will start my year off in the morning with the Genealogy Do-Over.  I'll be following along with Thomas, putting the right research habits in place as I go.  I hope to learn a lot of new techniques.  I've been at this for so long, over 30 years, but I didn't start online until 1999.   I have a lot to work on in the citation area.  I am unable to travel so I will be learning good ways to obtain records by mail, I hope. 

I have been sitting and watching everyone rush around over this thing.  I can not move so quickly so I have waited.  I will be going at a slow pace.  I want to do it right this time.  I don't want to pile it on so big I run out of steam.  I really have a final goal to reach.   When you are told you are dying, a lot of stuff goes through your head.  One of my thoughts was my work.  Why had I worked so hard for so long on my family history?  What was I to do with it?  Well, I have figured that out.  My goal is to have a clean and well documented file to leave online and to create books to leave a hard copy for those who come in the future.  Tada!  I have a plan and I get to live too.  Good stuff there! 

I have closed my big file (a little over 7000 individuals) for the last time.  I will have a nice clean, empty file to start work on come morning.  When I open my shiny new  RootsMagic7 in the morning it will be the beginning of a new adventure.  By the way, congrats to Bruce for the "Best Genealogy Product of 2014" (for RootsMagic7) by Tamura Jones.   I will not argue about it as I am in total agreement!

Good Hunting Everyone!

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