My Quilts

I quilt. I have been doing so for a very long time, but not as much. I do love traditional quilt patterns, but I have been looking at the newer patterns and art quilts.
This pattern is from Jordan Fabrics. It's called  Moda Love Quilt. I used a charm pack I had instead of the Moda fabrics she chose.It is actually an old pattern that was often used as the painted barn quilt. It is supposed to be a wall hanging, but I did not like that idea. My colors were not dramatic enough to hang it. I think it will be a table topper.. I want to make another with a more dramatic charm pack. It is machine sewn and hand quilted. (April 2020)

Grandmothers Flower Garden again. Much larger hexies. Hand pieced and quilted. This one is twin size. It is a really colorful quilt. The green was left over from my irish chain, the rest of the fabrics were leftovers too. The only purchased fabric was the backing. Love scrap busters! (December 2019)

This is a pattern called Sticks and Stones from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love the colors. It was made entirely on the machine from a jelly roll. I had purchased fabric for this one.  (September 2019)

Simple Irish Chain pattern. It is a full size. Simple and traditional. (July 2019)

This one is truly a scrap quilt. It has the last of my grandmothers scraps, some of my mothers, and some from when my children were young. It was all hand sewn. It is a full size quilt, and the only purchased fabric for it was the white backing. The rest of the quilt was made from my stash. (June 2019)

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