Friday, January 23, 2009

The Program

By the poll to the left, I believe I have drawn a conclusion. Whatever program you use for your major work is the one you are passionate about. Right now, 14 people have participated. The poll shows me 13 people have found what they needed are very happy with their programs. It seems to be pretty even across the programs too. Though I have had email from people that did not participate in the poll telling me their choice. Taking all of it including my email they still stay pretty even between Legacy and RootsMagic. TMG trails behind a little adding the emails to the mix. I've played with Legacy and RM a lot lately. I've read all that RM4 is going to be. I have read everyone's comments and emails. I made my choice.

I have ordered my choice by snail-mail (I don't like to put a card out there and they offer the opportunity to use mail, thank you!) and now wait. I put it in the box first thing Thursday morning. The last time I bought a program was late in 2005. So I am really excited about getting it. When I have gotten all those little files changed to gedcoms from .FTW files, I will delete FTM with great joy!

Thank you all for helping me out!
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